Catering Menu

Pine Hill Orchards Catering Menu


Meat & Cheese Platter... arrangement of Boar's Head Meats an Cheeses, assorted condiments, lettuce, sliced onion, sliced tomato, kaiser Rolls $3.75 PP

Charcuterie Platter.....assortment of Boar's Head Charcuterie Meats, hard and soft cheeses, olives, pickled items, jams/spreads, and crackers $4.74 PP

Cheese Platter....assortment of freshly sliced Boar's Head Cheeses, Brie Wedge, Grapes, and crackers $3.75 PP

Finger Sandwich or Wrap Platter... finger rolls filled with your choice of: Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Seafood Salad, Tuna Salad, Angry Tuna Salad, Ham Salad. $2.95 PP

Vegetable Platter...assorted fresh veggies surrounding ouer house made veggie dips. $3.80 PP

Fresh Fruit Platter...assortment of fresh cut fruit, beautifully arranged with house made dips. $3.95 PP


Pine Hill Mixed Green Salad... mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, shredded carrots, with assorted dressings. $45/$85

Italian Pasta Salad... pasta with tomatoes, olives, pepperocini, feta, oregano and basil $45/$65/$110

Coleslaw... shredded cabbage and carrots, vinegar, spices, and mayonaise. $45/$65/$110

Ham Salad... $45/$65/$110

Egg Salad... $45/$65/$110

Caesar Salad... romaine, caesar dressing, shaved parmesean, croutons $40/$60/$105

Chicken Salad... $45/$65/$110

Potato Salad... redskin potato salad loaded with celery, carrots, and onions and tossed in a mayonaise based sauce $45/$65/$110

Macaroni Salad... pasta noodles with mayonaise, onions, celery, and seasonings. $45/$65/$110

Soba Noodle Salad ... a crunchy veggie packed soba noodle salad with an asian inspired sauce and topped with crunchy peanuts. $45/$65/$110


Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers... bacon wrapped jalapenos with a cream cheese filling (2PP). $3.95 PP

Shrimp Cocktail... shrimp served with lemons & cocktail sauce (2PP). $5.25PP

Assorted Crostini... assortment of crostini with jams & spreads $2.75PP

Caprese Skewers... grape tomatoes, mozzarella balls, basil, olive oil, balsamic drizzle, on a skewer. (2PP). $3.95PP

Stuffed Mushroom Caps...spinach and cheese stuffed mushroom caps. (2PP). $3.95PP

Deviled Eggs... classic horseradish deviled eggs...sprinkled with paprika, just like Grandma did! (2PP). $3.95PP

Assorted Mini Quiches... (2PP). $2.95PP

Warm Homemade Ricotta... warm ricotta served with jam and bread $5.95PP

Sweet & Tangy Meatballs...homemade meatballs with chili & grape jelly. (2PP). $3.95PP

Mini Crab crab cakes served with lemon wedges and spicy remoulade (2PP). $4.50PP

Roasted Olives... $2.75PP


Meatloaf with Pine Hill Jalapeno Ketchup...traditional meatloaf with a twist. Mild but tasty! $7.95PP

Baked Scallops.... scallops with a breaded buttery topping. Market Price

Shrimp Scampi...angel hair pasta with sauteed shrimp, butter, lemon, and crushed red pepper flake. $10.95PP

Baked Gorgonzola Gnocchi with Peas, Mushrooms, and Bacon....gnocchi baked with gorgonzola, peas, and mushrooms and topped with bacon $8.95PP

Roasted Pork Loin...roasted pork loin with herbs and spices cooked until tender with flavor. $8.95PP

Baked Haddock with Caper Sauce...haddock baked in lemon caper sauce topped with seasoned breadcrumbs... Market Price

Shepherd's Pie... classic shepherd's pie...elevated and served with gravy. $50/$90

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie... loaded with hearty vegetablesand creamy mashed potatoes. $50/$90

Chicken Cordon Bleu... chicken breast stuffed with ham and swiss, lightly breaded, baked and topped with Dijon Mustard Sauce $7.95PP

Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken... roasted chicken in a lemon pepper sauce. $7.95 PP

Meat Lasagna $50/$95

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna $45/$90

Baked Mac & Cheese... creamy pasta with multiple cheeses and a buttery breadcrumb topping (add cajun shrimp or pulled pork for additional charge). $50/$80/$140


Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Medley... $45/$70

Jasmine Rice...$45/$70

Mashed Potatoes... mashed with butter and sour cream and topped with chives. $40/$65/$90

Roasted Root Vegetables...$45/$70

Rice Pilaf... $45/$70

Roasted Potatoes... choose reds or fingerlings... $45/$75/$105

Au Gratin Potatoes... golden potatoes layed with cream sauce, topped with buttery bread crumbs and baked till golden! $50/$85/$140

Brown Sugar & Bacon Green Beans...tossed with brown sugar and sauteed with bacon. $45/$75

Pine Hill Street Corn... corn roasted with peppers and onions, mixed with sour cream, mayonaise, lime, spices, and queso fresco...then baked to perfection. $45/$75

Cheesy Brussel Sprout Caserole... brussels and bacon roasted and dressed in a garlicky parmesan cream sauce. $45/$75

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables... $45/$75

Creamed Spinach... $45/$75

Baked Cabbage or Cauliflower Steaks... $45/$75

Mini Treats & Desserts

Pine Hill's Famous Cider Donuts... $8.75 dozen

Fresh Baked Cookies... $1.75 each

Cheesecake Squares... topped with seasonal fruit. $2.75each

Mini Creme Brulee... $3.50each

Mini Pot De Creme... $3.75


Please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy.

Gluten free options may be available.

PP is Per Person.

Set Price is buffet style and serves 1-10, 20-40, 40-60 Guests.

Pricing and availablity are subject to change.

Minimum order is $75.

State tax of 6.25% AND 20% gratuity will be added to every order.

50% Deposit when placing order.

One Week lead time for most orders... we will always try to accomodate short notice orders.

Looking for something you don't see on our menu?? Just ask... we are happy to take special requests...

Delivery is unavailable .... for now....